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Aurora Counselling - a service offered by counsellor Lara Esam-Brosnahan for people searching for mindfulness and meditation training as well as counselling talking therapy. This service is ideal for for people searching for calm, peace and emotional healing in a counselling session setting. Sessions are structured according to your need and situation. Sessions are available via video Skype or Zoom or in some circumstances by phone. Please inquire in the first instance via the contact form below. Services are offered across New Zealand, Australia and USA, Canada, Europe, UK, Ireland and Scotland.

Products & Services

Mindfulness & Meditation Training

Learn how to use mindfulness and meditation for a happier, calmer life. In your mindfulness and meditation sessions you will be introduced to mindfulness concepts and learn how to meditate effectively to achieve daily calm and release from anxious thoughts. You will be shown breathing techniques and learn how to still the mind to produce clarity, peace and a sense of purpose.

Life Decisions Counselling

Counselling can help you to navigate life decisions and pathways in order to arrive at solutions that are right for you. Talking therapy is a good way to heal yourself emotionally and arrive at a better destination than when you began. This is a gentle process, done calmly and peacefully in a supportive environment.

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